Electra Street is an academic journal of the arts and humanities. Its sister publication, Airport Road, is a journal  of undergraduate student creative work.

Electra Street is a journal of the arts and humanities published at NYU Abu Dhabi. It publishes in both web-based and digital periodical formats. 

The website publishes poetry on a regular basis, with a particular emphasis on poetry that is written in or about the UAE. Please consult http://electrastreet.net.

We are now accepting submissions on a rolling basis until April 23.

Please use our online form to submit 1-3 poems for us to consider. If the poems are too long to be posted together, we will consider publishing them separately.

NOTE: We welcome a mix of languages, but the primary language of the journal is English. If your poetry contains large chunks of text in a language other than English, we ask that you include translations of the non-English material for the purpose of editorial evaluation. These translations can accompany the poems when published at your discretion.

We will contact you with an editorial decision about publication within one month of submission.

If you have any questions about either the submission or the editorial processes, please contact our poetry editor, Aathma Dious, at electra.street@gmail.com.


In the Spring 2020 semester, we are launching the very first special issue of Airport Road, which will revolve around the global climate emergency. 

We want Airport Road 11  to speak towards the greatest challenge humanity has yet come to face: climate change, the thing that “threatens to render all human projects irrelevant.” We are looking for work that responds to the issues we as a society and species face, specifically in relation to the challenges posed by ecological breakdown. Work that engages in the implications of living in such a world, be it intimate, societal or planetary. 

Airport Road 11 will be an exploration of art’s place in the age of the climate emergency.  Now, as we look towards the next decade and all that it may bring, we call for art that converses with the precarity of the present and the uncertainty of the future. 

So write, create. We look forward to your submissions.  

The regular deadline for submission is 29 March 2020

Reach out to egb329@nyu.edu or ns4080@nyu.edu if you have any questions, or wish to learn more about this special issue of Airport Road.


Text documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word .docx format. Generally, the maximum length for prose pieces is 3000 words. If your text requires special formatting, please also attach a PDF version. The editorial staff, however, will not consider submissions that are submitted only in PDF format.


If you are submitting an image (painting, photograph, drawing) please make sure that your image is titled, even if that title is "Untitled I." The image must be in JPG or TIF format and in the highest resolution available.

Please name your files according to this protocol: authorsurname-title-twodigitnumber.

   ex. srinivasan-palaceofdreams-01.jpg  /  lee-untitled-03.jpg.


Airport Road accepts submissions in all languages. However, because the shared language of our readership and our editorial board is English, we ask that you include an English language translation alongside your submission. We encourage translational collaborations, such as the same text translated into multiple languages by various people. 


If you are submitting multiple entries (whether text or image), please make sure that each entry is submitted separately. Doing so will enable us to review your work more easily and accurately. 

Electra Street / Airport Road